Recycle your sink and laundry water

With the current water restrictions in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is difficult to maintain beautiful landscaping.  Why not use 100% of the water from your bathroom sink, tub, shower and laundry to water your drought-resistant landscaping with a Grey Water Recycling System?  Alpha Plumbing gives free assessments to see if your home can support a Grey Water Recycling Systems.

Alpha Plumbing & Rooter Service is an Aquarius Grey Water Systems preferred Contractor.

Use the greywater from your drains.
What is greywater?
Greywater is the water that comes from your baths, showers, and washing machines.  Recycling household greywater for gardening use is an excellent way of saving water and saving money! Unlike rainwater, which is only seasonally available, grey-water is available every time you shower or wash your clothes.

How can I use grey-water?
Greywater is suitable for irrigating most garden areas including ornamental beds and lawns. Even native gardens can thrive with greywater.  You simply alter the type of detergent that you use to one that is low, or has no phosphorus.

Will a greywater system work at my house?
Of course, it will!
Your grey-water system will be installed by your local plumber and there is no need to retrofit your plumbing or install any system underground.
The simplest way to get greywater onto the garden is by diverting the water directly from the laundry or bathroom. The greywater system will filter the water and divert it to your garden.
Your greywater appliance just needs to be connected to your washing machine or your shower, and then to your irrigation system. Your garden can stay green all the time. Even with severe water restrictions!

Is it safe?
Millions of greywater systems have been installed around the world. Greywater is safe for you and your garden when you follow these simple rules:

  • Don’t allow pets or children to drink greywater.
  • Use sub-surface distribution such as drippers beneath a layer of mulch; that is, do not spray greywater into the air or use on your vegetable garden.
  • If holding tanks are used, don’t store unused greywater for longer than 24 hours and remember to keep filters on tanks free of lint. Tanks must be cleaned out regularly to remove sludge build-up.

Is It Legal in California

California’s Graywater Standards are now part of the State Plumbing Code, making it legal to use greywater everywhere in California. These standards were developed and adopted in response to Assembly Bill 3518, the Graywater Systems for Single Family Residences Acts of 1992.

Graywater is untreated household wastewater which has not come into contact with toilet waste.
Includes: used water from bathtubs, Showers, bathrooms wash basis, and water from

clothes washing machines and laundry tubs.
(from California Graywater Standards)

How much area do you need?
The greywater recycling system is small enough to go under the house or beside the washing machine. Alpha Plumbing will come in and inspect the home for a suitable location.

Laundry bin

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Alpha Plumbing & Rooter Service is an Aqua2use Grey Water Systems preferred Contractor.

What is the Aqua2use Grey Water System

​The Aqua2use Grey Water System is the most efficient and advanced greywater diversion device available on the market. It works with your existing plumbing and connects easily to your drip irrigation system.

The system collects the water from your laundry, shower, and bath. The greywater is filtered through a state of the art progressive filtration system and automatically diverts it to your garden.

The Aqua2use Grey Water System is fully automated and does not require any human intervention to operate.

The Aqua2use Grey Water System comes with many features and benefits:

  • Fully automated system
  • Compact device (Length 24″, Width 15″, Height 20″) – can be installed in crawl space
  • The system can be installed either above ground, half-submerged in-ground, or underground
  • Easy to connect inlet and overflow
  • Built-in an overflow safety system
  • State of the Art Progressive 4 Stage Filtration
  • Built-in dry run pump protection, preventing clogging and damage to the pump
  • Submersible pump with integrated Electronic Pump Controller(EPC)
  • Diverter valve included
  • Easy to clean – just hose the filters every six months
  • UV resistant
  • WaterMark approved
  • Approved for gravity installations – can be used with or without the pump

A Unique Filtration System

The Aqua2use Grey Water System uses the Matala 3D progressive filtration technology:

  • State of the Art Progressive 4 Stage Filtration.
  • Cross-Flow depth filtration: each filter web has a 3-dimensional structure, able to trap a high volume of impurities without plugging.
  • Multi-chamber plug flow concept: if the first filter web gets clogged the filtration is done by the 2nd and 3rd filter web. If the second web gets clogged, the filtration is done by the 3rd filter web.
saving up to 40,000 gallons

Water savings
When you connect the Aqua2use to your laundry,  you can recycle an average of 25 gallons of water peruse.
Take a 10-minute shower? That’s an extra 25 gallons of water you could reuse.

According to independent studies, an average family of four could save up to 40,000 gallons of potable water every year.

No more water restrictions for your garden
With the Aqua2use, you can water your garden every day. Every time you do the laundry or take a shower, you will water your garden.

The Aqua2Use does not use any chemicals to filter the water and guarantees that your garden will stay in good shape without adding any chemicals to your greywater.

Easy maintenance
The maintenance of the Aqua2use is simple and free. Every 6 months, you just need to rinse the filters with a hose. No additional products to buy or service provider to call!

Filters need to be replaced every 3 years, for a total estimated cost of less than $150.

No hidden expenses
You do not need to change your washing machine. Just be sure to use a low phosphate detergent. Many choices are available at your favorite store.